Cell Phone Etiquette

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Etiquette expert Elaine Swann explains how to avoid making some of the most common cell phone etiquette mistakes.

    Hi, I am Elaine Swann with Everyday Style. Today, we are talking about cell phone and gadget etiquette. What to do with all that technology? But before we get started, let me tell you a little bit about myself. I have been researching and teaching etiquette for over 10 years now to individuals, businesses, and organization. It's my goal that people practice everything with grace and style.

    Now, when using your cell phone when someone is with you, keep in mind that the person face-to-face with you, they have top priority. It's important to use all of the technology that your phone offers, such as voicemail, caller ID, and text messaging. With voicemail, you'll find out who is calling, they'll be able to leave a message. Text messaging, you can send them something really quickly, and with caller ID. You'll always know exactly, who is calling. Keep in mind that it is very important to keep your private matters private. People don't want to hear, all the intimate details and aspects of your very private life.

    In addition, speak softly, let the technology do the work, don't lock people into your space, your personal space. Be mindful if you are in the elevator or maybe even inline at the bank. If you put about 10 feet of space in between yourselves and others, you will be just fine. Now using that cell phone while you are driving, there are a couple of rules to follow.

    Keep in mind that those ear pieces, whether they are Bluetooth or the ones that are wired, that's what they are used for, is when you are driving in a car. They are not meant to be used in a grocery store where you are walking around, and sounding like you are a crazy person talking to yourself. But they are meant to be used in the vehicle or even in a private space.

    If you find that you have to have a prolong conversation while you are driving, just pullover and then, take that call. Also let the caller on the other line know that you are on the car, and on your cell phone. That way they can go ahead and expect interruptions or even possible disconnections, as you go through various areas.

    Now with the ring tones, be vary of them, be sure that if you decide that you want to use some downloaded ring tone with your favorite pop stars music, that you can get right to your purse or your bag or what have you right away, so that people are not having to listen to all the hip hop or bibbity bop music, that's going on while you dig through your purse and find your phone.

    Now, also when it comes to turning the phone off, every once in a while you just have to do exactly that. Turn it off, doctors offices, worship service, meetings, anytime of an enclosed place. Sometimes just turn the phone completely off and connect with people.

    I have got a couple of tips on taking pictures with cell phones. You decide that you find something that is amusing or funny or someone that you are whipping. You want to take a picture, get permission first. Not everyone wants to have their photo taken, and they most certainly don't want to have it shared with the world. Those are our final tips on taking pictures, when using your cell phone.

    We are going to talk about gadgets now. How about those PDAs and hand held devices?

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