Chain Saw Usage

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Outdoor power equipment expert and ECHO Incorporated representative Dan Rosenberger discusses chain saw usage.

    Dan Rosenberger: Hi! I am Dan with Echo Inc. and today we are going to talk about some of the factors you will need to think about while selecting your gas-powered chainsaw. Are you doing some light trimming or some light firewood cutting that you need a light agile top mounted chainsaw. This particular model is a top handle with a small bar and chain, a little bit smaller in cc but very light weight and agile. We are going to use this for some light trimming and some light ground work.

    You also see many professionals use this model as it has d ring to where they will clip it to their belt while they are in the air climbing. This is a medium range saw rear handle 16 inch to 18 inch in bar and chain length. This saw is going to be used for some light ground work and some light firewood use. It's medium range saw so you are not going to be doing a lot of felling or a large bucking of trees, but it is very comfortable and has enough power to do some light firewood cutting.

    This is your professional model. This is much bigger in Cubic inch and cc, it's going to offer you all the power that you need to fell your tress and buck them in the lengths for firewood. This is going to be used by the professional, that's making a living with this chainsaw or by the farmer or rancher that's heating their house primarily with wood.

    So these are all the things you need to consider while picking the right chainsaw for the right application and next we are going to talk about how to match up the right saw to the right skill level.