Chainsaw Maintenance

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Matt Ellsworth from ECHO Inc. demonstrates how to perform proper chainsaw maintenance to make sure it continues to operate in tip-top shape.

    Matt Ellsworth: Hi! I am Matt Ellsworth with ECHO Inc. and I am here today to talk about preventive maintenance with your chainsaw and how to keep it running like new season after season. The purpose of maintenance is to ensure your chainsaw operate safely and efficiently. Before you choose inspect your unit for damage, cracks, leaks and loose fasteners. Check and tighten if needed all nuts, bolts and screws. Comply with manufacturers recommendations for service and maintenance. Clean dirt and debris from the body. While wearing gloves remove the bar cover, bar and chain.

    Clean the bar cover and chainsaw body with compressed air or brush. Be sure to wear eye protection if youre using compressed air. Be sure to clean around the clutch area also. Remove the starter cover; clean dust and debris from around the flywheel on starter cord area. Inspect the starter pull cord for frays; replace if damaged. Replace the starter cover.

    Remove the air filter cover and put the choke in the On position to prevent contamination of the carburetor. Remove the air filter and then inspect for damage or holes. Clean according to manufacturers instructions. Clean-out the air box with compressed air or brush; remove the cylinder cover and clean the engine fins with a brush or air.

    Inspect spark plug to ensure electrodes are clean. If damage or excessively dirty; replace. Inspect chain brake to make sure there are no broken components and the hand guard is secure. Inspect the chain drive sprocket and replace if excessively worn or damaged. Inspect the chain catcher to make sure its secure and undamaged. Check the bar for straightness and replace the bar if bent. Clean out the rails of the bar with a rail tool or compressed air. Use a flat file to remove burrs along the bar rail. You can also clean up oil hole in the bar with a small screwdriver or compressed air. Check the chain sharpness and sharpen if not.

    Reattach the bar chain and bar cover; check the chain tension and tighten or loosen as needed. Once unit is resembled start the unit following the manufacturers starting procedure. Check chain brake function by accelerating the saw to full throttle then activating the chain brake.

    The chain brake should immediately stop the chain. With the chain go off the chain should not turn when the unit is running and idle. If the chain is moving during idle see a technician for appropriate adjustments. Test the oil pump is lubricating the chain by positioning the bar tip in a light surface and accelerate the engine. Oil splatter should appear on the surface.

    And thats how easy it is to maintain your chainsaw and keep it running efficiently and safely.

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