Changes in the Baby Sleep Training Routine

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Baby Expert Suzy Giordano discusses changes in the baby sleep training routine.

    Suzy Giordano: Hi, I'm Suzy Giordano Baxter also known as The Baby Coach. I am here to guide you and to teaching your baby how to sleep through the night. Now, we're going to talk about changes in your routine. Changes in your routine should be welcomed. Your baby will be as flexible as you make them. So once your baby has mastered sleep, consistently sleeps twelve hours in night, one hour in the morning, two hours in the afternoon. You should welcome any changes.

    When you're dealing with the sick baby, holidays change of time; a vacation, understand your baby will resist one way or the other for the first couple of days, which means if your baby has been sick for a week, and you have to hold him upright through the night because of a fever over a stuffed nose.

    Once you determined, that the baby is healthy and acting like himself or herself again during the day. Then you put back the expectations on them at night. So you back into sleep training mode. The same applies for vacations, holidays and special events. This time is a fleeting time. Your baby will grow before you know it. So make sure you enjoy your baby.

    It's early Sunday, sleep a little later. Take a nap with your baby. Enjoy your baby before it's too late. As long as they are exceptions they not become they are becoming the new rule, you should be okay. So don't be afraid to change your routine. Coming up next, extreme circumstances, when it comes to sleep training.