Changing A Tanning Bed Choke Ballast

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Buster Tyler, President of Master Tanning shows us how to maintain your home tanning bed. In this video we are talking about how to change a choke ballast.

    Buster Tyler: Hello, I am Buster from Master Tanning. Today I want to talk to you about the maintaining your tanning bed. And now let's talk about how to change a choke ballast. A choke ballast is a linear resistor, a resistor that's inline with your tanning lamp. When the tanning lamp fires up a choke ballast drops the voltage which means that now you're fluorescent bulb instead of running at a 120 volts runs at 74 volts.

    This is efficient, fluorescent bulbs can be way much cheaper than a condescend bulbs. So the choke ballast is very important for running your tanning bed. If your lights go out, they can beat your choke ballast. So to replace your choke ballast let me show you. The first thing you want to do is unplug your tanning bed. The choke ballast is located into very top and the very bottom on the bed.

    You're going to have to remove the top cover if it's in the top of the bed and the bottom cover, if it is in the bottom of the bed, but first of all, let me demonstrate on the top. You put your screwdriver, your flat blade very carefully underneath the front of the profile strip, lift it up about 12 inches from the edge and you'll just pull it all the way out.

    We have two screws on the timer, you will put the Phillips Screwdriver, go ahead and remove those and now there is a plug on the back of your timer go ahead and unplug that plug. Now you can lift off the top cover, lift it up a little bit, you will find that the top of cover is going to bend a little bit and when you lift it up the edges will come out and it will pop directly off.

    Now when you're looking at the bed you're going to see all the ballasts are lined up on the top out of a tanning bed from front to back, and those front and the back the way they're lined up indicates which lamp it is. Now locate the ballast that you want to remove and in that ballast, you're going to see three wires, two wires are on one side and one wire is on the other side.

    Take up small blade and flathead screwdriver push it directly down into the insert, right where the wires are going in and there is spring loaded and they will act to release those wires. Just pull gently and those wires will come out. Now that you've actually taken the wires off your choke ballast there is two screws, go ahead and remove the back screw and now loosen the very front screw.

    Now this choke ballast will actually just slide right out. Take your new choke ballast and just put it right back into the place where the old one was slided into the screw and now tighten those screws down. Now take the wires and put them back into exactly where you found them, now you have just replaced your choke ballast. Now let's put the bed back again.

    So what we're going to do is we're going to take the cover, we're going to put it back on the top. We're going to put one end in and then we actually just snap the other end in that covers now in place. Right now we can go ahead and take the wire for the timer, plug in your timer, put your timer right back into that hole take your two Phillip screws, tighten it down and now take your two profile strips front and back and just snap them right in.

    So that's how you change your choke ballast. Now plug in your tanning bed and enjoy.