Charity Evaluation

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Ken Berger from Charity Navigator shares ways to evaluate a charity to select for your donation.

    Ken Berger: Hi! I'm Ken Berger, President and CEO of Charity Navigator. Did you know there are over one million non-profits in Unites States today? We have the larger non-profit sector in the history of the world. So, with so many choices how is a donor to choice the best charity out there. Well, it's really boils down to three things, we call them Three Dimensions: one is the financial health of the organization, two it's the accountability and transparency practices of the organization and three the results of the work of the organization. Let me break those things down for you in little bit more detail: one financial health, a financially healthy organization is sustainable and efficient in how it manages its money. You want that kind of management because it's more flexible organization, more vibrant, you don't have to worry that it's going to bankrupt tomorrow, it's critically that you have those best practices and the money is managed well and dedicated to be important purposes of the charity. Number two accountability and transparency; we're especially concerned here with how the charity is governed. A charity that has good governors has a strong broad of directors that supervises the CEO. You need that to minimize the chance of unethical behavior or something irresponsible happening at the charity.

    Number three, the results of the charity's work, the reason it exists, the reason for its mission, is to have meaningful results that truly help people and communities. A lot of charities do great at story telling, which is important, but in additional to story telling you want see data that shows that those stories are happening every day, meaningful result doesn't mean in employment program for example, that you just see how many people went through the program, it doesn't even mean simply how many people got jobs. You want to know how many have had those jobs for six months or more, that's a meaningful lasting change. The best place to get this we think is on the website of a charity, but unfortunately many charities don't make a practice to report their results on their websites. So you may have to call them to ask them about this information. So, you can be sure that your money is going to the best charities and helping the most people possible. Thanks you. 1