Cheerleading Jumps and Techniques

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    In this video series, Cheerleading instructor Ben Canty demonstrates specific types of jumps for beginners, intermediate and advanced cheerleaders.

    Ben Canty: Hi there, I am Ben Canty with All Star Legacy, and here with me today is Lauren. We are going to be showing you guys out there how to do cheerleading jumps and the proper techniques used to perform those jumps.

    We will start with basic preps, move into beginner level jumps, then immediate jumps, and finally, advanced level jumps. From there, we will learn the proper techniques to strengthen and build up the muscles to perform those jumps and then finally, how to jump and perform with a team.

    You won't need too many tools for today. Just a pair of lightweight tennis shoes and some loose spinning clothing, something that you can move around in. Also, safety is very important, so make sure that we are stretching at least 10-15 minutes before each jump exercise, and a quick cool down session after each jump exercise.

    I have been a coach here with All Star Legacy for six years and we are the largest in the State of Virginia and one of the largest in the country. Okay, let's get started with our cheerleading jumps today.