Cheese Fondue Preparation

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Emily Ball from the Melting Pot restaurant chain demonstrates how to prepare a cheese fondue.

    Emily Ball

    Emily Ball is Operations Director for the Washington DC area Melting Pot Restaurants. Emily has worked for the Melting Pot for over 10 years in various capacities from server to manager, general manager and operations manager. Emily lives in Maryland with her husband Tom and puppy. To contact Emily, simply log onto and click on the Maryland link. The Melting Pot is the nation's premier family of fondue restaurants. At The Melting Pot we serve four courses of fondue which encompasses a wide variety of cheese, entree, and chocolate fondues. The Melting Pot menu is a fusion of the fondue traditions of old world Europe, and new world ingredients and cooking techniques. The Melting Pot has over 100 locations nationwide each locally owned and operated.

    Hi, I am Emily from the Melting Pot, and today we are making cheese fondue. Right now, we are going to go over everything that you are going to need to gather together, so that you can prepare your ingredients to dip it into your cheese fondue. First, we will start with the bread. At the Melting Pot Restaurant, we use a blend of French, Rye and Pumpernickel. You can use whatever you like at home, whatever your favorites are. You are just going to want to chop it into bite-sized cubes just like that so it will be perfect for dipping. Then we will go to the vegetables. What we typically use at the Melting Pot, is a blend of carrots, celery and cauliflower; but again, you can use whatever you like to dip into, whatever your favorites are. For the carrots, you can actually just purchase the baby carrots; so there is no additional prep work for those; they are already perfectly bite-sized. And then the celery, youll just want to lay out a stalk and chop into bite-sized pieces, just like that. The cauliflower, youll just want to carve a head of cauliflower, break it off into chunks and then slice it into bite-sized florets with a knife. Then we can also talk about the apple; these are excellent in all of our cheese fondues; we use a Granny Smith apple, again, you can use whatever apple you like, set it down on your cutting board, just chop off one side like that, slice twice in that direction and then twice in the other direction so that youve got bite-sized pieces. We also use Tortilla chips with some of our cheeses; you can use those if you like, again, whatever is your preference. So, now that we have got all of our ingredients together, we can go ahead and start making some cheese fondue.

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