Cheese Snacks – Chicks

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    In this video learn how to make a cheese chick, the perfect snack for spring!

    Ariana Almajan: Okay, let's have some fun and put together a wholesome snack your kids will love. Are you ready?

    Female Speaker: Yes.

    Ariana Almajan: All right, get a taste of spring with this adorable cheese chick snack recipe. For the cheese chick snack you will need, Triscuits, Kraft Singles, carrots, raisins or currants, we are going to use currants, and round cookie cutters in multiple sizes.

    Now before you begin any recipe, what do you do?

    Female Speaker: Wash your hands.

    Ariana Almajan: Very good, you have to wash your hands thoroughly. Okay, now to get started, layout your cracker, cracker, perfect. Now have your child help you cut out the body of the chick using a cookie cutter.

    Cut out a round piece of cheese using your biggest cookie cutter, perfect. This is going to be the body. Next, take a smaller cookie cutter and cut out a smaller round shape, this is going to be the chick's head. All right, stick him, perfect! Okay, attach it to the body just like that, you did a perfect job.

    Now for the veggies, take a carrot and using either a kitchen scissors or a sharp knife create two little wedges for the feet. So what you are going to do is you are going to cut it, make two circles like this, make them sort of thin, about this one. Here is another one, you are going to cut two little sort of triangle shapes to get the feet. Well done, what do you think?

    Female Speaker: Great!

    Ariana Almajan: Thank you, all right let's do another one. All right now attach the feet to the body. Now we are going to need a nose, so you are going to make one more circle and cut out a tiny, tiny triangle to form the nose. Okay, here is his nose. Perfect!

    Now for the finishing touch, add two small raisins or currants as the eyes. So let's get two. That is looking good.

    There you have it, a cute delicious wholesome snack that will be reminiscent of spring. Enjoy!