Cheese Snacks – Fish Bowl

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    A fun snack idea that can also double as a household pet. In this video learn how to make a cheese fishbowl.

    Julie Epstein: Let's have some fun and put together a wholesome snack your kids will love. I'm going to share with you a recipe that can double as a smart snack and a household pet. This fish bowl snack introduces healthy vegetables in a cute way. Are you ready to make a fish bowl?

    Owen: Yeah.

    Julie Epstein: He's so excited. Here is what you're going to need, okay. Kraft singles, round cookie cutters, fish shape crackers, baby carrots and I'm going to slice these into rounds and broccoli.

    We're going to start by cutting out a round piece of cheese. We're going to take the large cookie cutter and we're just going to make a circle, that's hard. Great! There you have your circle. Then we're going to take our next cookie cutter and we're going to make a U shape and that's going to be at the very top, just like so and there you go. That's the begging of our fish bowl. Okay, let's put that on the plate.

    All right! Next, we're going to take the carrots and cut them into little baby rounds. Now this obviously is a job for a parent or caretaker, not the child, not till they're a little bit older. And I promise you're going to have some fun things to do in just a minute, okay.


    Julie Epstein: So let's put those over here. Those are going to be the pebbles at the bottom of the fish bowl. Now, we're going to take our broccoli and we're just going to cut it up from small pieces just like so. Don't worry about it being perfect. There is no such thing any how. Just have fun. This is going to be the greenery kind of like the seaweed inside the bowl.

    And then lastly we'll use the fish. So let's start decorating. If you can take the little baby carrots and put them at the bottom, that will be the pebbles and then take the broccoli pieces and that's going to be the greenery.

    Now lastly, if you want to pick out some different colored fish, and it's okay. If you'd like to eat some while you're making it, it's absolutely fine. Nice job sweetie, that looks great. And there you have it, a household pet that requires no commitment and is very fun to eat.