Cheese Snacks – Ice Cream Cone

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Nothing says summer better than ice cream! In this video learn how to make an ice cream cone snack that has no sugar and is full of calcium!

    Estela Maldonado: Let's have some fun and put together a wholesome snack your kids will love. Are you ready buddy?

    Adam: Ah, ha. But what are we making?

    Estela Maldonado: Wow! Who doesn't like ice-cream? This fun snack idea looks like the sweet treat, but it is veggie and with no added sugars. Let's make this ice-cream cone snack, you'll need one slice of white bread, one slice of pumpernickel bread, Kraft Singles, snippets of curd veggies, red and green paper, and an ice-cream cone cookie cutter or you can use a knife. Now get your kids involved by having them cut the cheese slices, or you can have them do the white bread with the cookie cutter. You do that one, and I will do the cheese with the knife and then just pull the top off a bit, just like that, all right. And put this one on top of that.

    Adam: And it looks good.

    Estela Maldonado: I know it looks good. Next cut some small thin strips from the leftover cheese slice to create a wafer corn pattern on top like this, perfect. All right, now next cut the pumpernickel bread to look like a scoop of ice-cream. This creates the local vanilla and chocolate ice-cream. You want to put that one on top? Thank you sweet heart! Now who doesn't like sprinkles? Next, take the red and green pepper and cut in very small sizes to sprinkle on top of the ice-cream. Well, this job is best left to adults because of the small cuts that are necessary, but let your kid enjoy sprinkling the peppers on top, they'll love that. Awesome, doesn't that look good? Well it looks great! And there you have it, a fun snack idea that will keep your children entertained and eating smart.