Cheese Snacks – Pencil

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    It’s back to school time! In this video learn how to make a cheese pencil.

    Estela Maldonado: Let's have some fun and put together a wholesome snack your kids will love. Now I know it can be difficult to get your kids excited about hitting the books. Here is some great snack idea that is fun to make and eat. And it's a wholesome snack that will help you charge after a long day. Now for this pencil snack you'll need Pretzel sticks, Kraft Singles, thick sandwich meat, mustard, currants or raisins, and funnel shaped corn snacks. My kids love helping me make this snack. But before you get started, make sure they wash their hands. Now, start by taking pretzel sticks and slowly wrap one cheese slice around it to form the pencil. Now make sure to roll it slowly, because the cheese can break. Keep the seam of the cheese at the bottom, so it will stay. Now, next step is take one of the funnel shade corn snacks and place it at the top of the pencil. Make sure that you pick a corn snack that's wide enough for the pretzel to fit into. Then next, transfer your pencil to a serving platter. Now the next step requires some adult supervision, because it involves a knife. What you'll do is you'll cut a small piece from one of the currants or raisins to create the lead for the pencil, just like so, all right.

    Now, go ahead and place them at the top for the lead, like that. Now this last step is to create the eraser. Using a thick piece of sandwich meat for the eraser, cut a small circular shape, like so, and you can add a small dab of mustard to it, so it will stick t the pencil.

    Adam: Good job, I like that.

    Estela Maldonado: Thank you honey, doesn't it look good? All right one more. It's so yummy! Your kids will have a blast creating this snack with you, enjoy!