Cheese Snacks – Rocket Ship

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Take your kids to outerspace with this fun snack idea! In this video learn how to make a cheese rocket ship for a snack that’s out of this world!

    Estela Maldonado: Let's have some fun and put together a wholesome snack your kids will love. Now here is the fun snack your kids will enjoy eating and making themselves. You are ready buddy?

    Adam: Ahha!

    Estela Maldonado: All right! It's a work of art with an added bonus of nutritious veggies. Now to make the rocket ship, you'll need two slices of white bread, one slice of whole-wheat bread, radish, Kraft singles, assorted pepper slices and red, green and yellow and orange, if you like, cucumber slice and ham or other sandwich meat.

    Now this snack recipe involves a lot of cutting. So be sure your kids are supervised when helping you in the kitchen. Now to get started, trim off the crust of the bread slices like so. Then cut a rocket shape using both slices of the white bread like this.

    Now, next assemble the sandwich. I'm going to make a ham and a cheese sandwich. So I'll assemble my rocket ship with the ham and cheese, but you can use any sandwich meat your kids like.

    We'll go ahead and put this bread on top of here and cut it just to this shape, take that out.

    Female Speaker: Wait! But you forgot the cheese.

    Estela Maldonado: Oh, no. I'm going to do that right now. All right! Prefect! Next, to get the rocket ship legs, cut two small rectangles using the whole-wheat bread. Now I'm going to cut this slice, and this one is ready to make little sandwiches. And then fill that with the small pieces of ham and cheese slices as well.

    Now that we have our rocket almost assembled we're going to go ahead and transfer it now to the plate and now cut a yellow pepper into small rectangles and Adam, can you help me and put them on them on there for me buddy?

    Adam: It's finished.

    Estela Maldonado: Perfect! Now to make the windows for the rocket, cut three thin radish slices. Okay. That was perfect! Make flames beneath the rocket ship from yellow pepper.

    Adam: But you know the fire is usually red?

    Estela Maldonado: Well, we are also going to use the red pepper. I'm going to use the yellow and the red pepper. Now to finish, cut a star from a cheese slice or an orange pepper if you want. All right! Take that star out. Perfect!

    Adam: That's a perfect star.

    Estela Maldonado: And it has to be perfect. Okay, now take a slice of cucumber and make a moon for the finishing touch.

    Adam:Yes, pull it.

    Estela Maldonado: Okay, so I'm going to give you like a crescent moon, how about that? Just like that, and that is the finishing touch to Adam's master piece.

    The kids may not want to eat their hard work, but when they do, they might have realized that fun rocket snack is a wholesome choice.

    Adam: And enjoy it!

    Estela Maldonado: Exactly! Enjoy!