Cheese Snacks – Sail Boat

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Sail away this summer with this fun cheese sailboat snack.

    Julie Epstein: Let's have some fun and put together a wholesome snack your kids will love. Nothing needs coasting along the waters with a nice breeze blowing through yourselves. If you don't have a sailboat, don't fret, you can make your own sailboat that's pretty and delicious too. I'm going to show you how to make a quick smart snack for your kids that's going to transport them to the seas. Are you ready?

    Owen: Yes.

    Julie Epstein: All right, so for the sailboat, here's what you're going to need. I'm going to start with a red pepper, Kraft Singles, pretzel sticks, dried apple slices, and fish crackers. Begin by taking a cheese slice and cut in on a diagonal, just like so. All right what shapes are these? Owen: Triangle. Julie Epstein: Triangle. Okay, you take one, I take one, and we're going to put them on the plate. These are going to become the sail of the boat. Okay, next we're going to take a red pepper; let me show you a really easy way to do this. I just cut off the bottom, just like so. Now what I got to do is just want to make a nice, thick bottom of the boat. Okay, if you can put that at the bottom of the sails, that's the bottom of the boat. And what's so great about red peppers is that they're packed vitamins A and C, super healthy, beautiful.

    All right, next, we're going to take our thin pretzel stick. And if you can take that and fit it right in the middle of the cheese slices, all right, and there you go that's the mast. Now we're going to add some finishing touches here to make it really special. So Owen, if you can take some apple chips and put them at the bottom of the boat, these are going to represent the waves. Okay, here we're going to do the last finishing touches.

    So, I'm going to take the pepper and really just at any part of the end of the pepper it doesn't have to be perfect and we're going to make a little flag, just like so.

    Okay, now what do you think about making a moon. Since we have a little round cookie color I can show you how to make a moon. You want to help? So this sailboat is going to be sailing in the middle of the night. We're going to make a moon, great, and then we're going to take our cutter, and I'll show you what we're going to do. Just go right back again and you place that wherever you like it. Excellent!

    Now that really fun part, we talked about our fish crackers, we are going to have Owen here, honey. You want to just put those in the waves, I'm going to put one jumping out of the water, and there you have it. A beautiful and nutritious sailboat snack your kids are going to love.