Cheese Snacks – Stars

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    A patriotic snack that your kids will love! In this video learn how to make a star shape cheese snack that’s perfect for your next holiday get together.

    Ariana Almajan: Let's have some fun and put together wholesome snack your kids will love. Are you hungry?

    Female Speaker: Oh, yeah.

    Ariana Almajan: Good! It's all about stars and stripes on Independence Day. Here is a treat that's patriotic and yummy plus; it's a great way to get your kids a little extra calcium.

    To make the star sandwiches, you're going to need bread, Kraft singles, red pepper and star shaped cookie cutters. All right! Begin by having your little helper. Cut out star shapes in the bread and cheese. All right! So let's get the cookie cutter, press down really hard. There you go. It's a good looking star. Then I'm going to make the same in the cheese.

    I'm going to do two of the bread and two of the cheese. So let's do the same thing. Press down firmly. Ooh! Perfect! Stick him on top of the bread. Ah! It looks great! All right, let's do it one more time. Excellent! And then one more with the cheese.

    Look at your technique, like you have been doing this forever.

    Female Speaker: Thank you!

    Ariana Almajan: If you cut out the star shapes and even assembled it with a layer of bread then a layer of cheese, a layer of bread and a layer of cheese. We put the star sandwich on a blue plate, so we get that extra touch of patriotism, and then we're going to finish it off with a little bit of a garnish from the red pepper. You can just slice a little bit out and dice it, just to give it a little bit of flare of red. And go grab some of these things and just kind of sprinkle them around the star sandwich. So you don't need to be precise, it just falls where it falls.

    There you go, the red pepper garnish for a complete red, white, and blue snack.