Cheese Soufflé – Preparing Ingredients, Oven and Pan

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Karen Stiegler from shows you how to prepare the ingredients and pan for the cheese souffle.

    Karen Stiegler: Hi I am Karen Stiegler and today I am showing you how to make a traditional cheese souffl. So first I want to talk to you about separating the eggs. I like to crack my eggs on the counter; I don't like to crack it on the side of a bowl because when you do that some of the eggs shell can go back up into the egg and then get into your egg whites. And then holding it over one of the bowls, I am going to allow the yolk to go in kind of one side of the shell and then just use my hand to go back and forth and let the egg whites sort of fall down. Now I am using these three bowls for a reason but I have my one egg white here in this bowl and I have my egg yolk in this bowl. I pour this egg white into my third bowl. Now it is very important that you do not get any of the egg yolk into the egg whites for this recipe because we want to beat the egg whites up and if any yolk gets into the egg white, then they will not beat up properly.

    So now, I am going to put this into my main bowl with my egg whites. And the reason we do this is because if a bit of the egg yolk broke and got into this white, it will contaminate the whole amount of whites. So I want to you to go ahead and just continue to separate until you have all six eggs separated.

    So now I am going to talk to you about preparing the oven. And I have here oven thermometer and you want to preheat your oven to 350 for this recipe. You will want to have the rack in the bottom third of the oven and I suggest using an oven thermometer like this because you can set the temperature of course on outside of your oven. But if you get one of these, it's an inexpensive way to really know exactly what is going on in your oven. Put it in your oven before you preheat it and then when you get ready to put your souffl in, and you will know if the oven is at the right temperature.

    And now we are just going to prepare the mould. So I have my approximately two quart mold here out of glass or ceramic with straight sides. That's what you want because you want those souffl to be able to rise up. Now what we are going to do is, we have that little -- we have four table spoons of butter but we have that little extra here and I have just allowed it to come to room temperature and soften. You could use paper towel like I am, but you want to be really generous with it and just grease your whole mold and let me have our two-three table spoons of parmesan cheese. So I am going to dump this in there and then I want to just go around the mould and cover it with the parmesan cheese. So now we have our pan, this is totally coated with parmesan cheese. Next we will prepare the base for the souffl.