Cheese Soufflé – Preparing the Base

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Karen Stiegler from shows you how to prepare the base for the cheese souffle.

    Karen Stiegler: Hi I am Karen Stiegler and I am showing you how to make a traditional cheese souffl. Now we are going to start with making the base for the souffl. So I have my sauce pan here and I have my four table spoons of butter. So I am just going to put this in my sauce pan. I am just going to turn it on like a minimum heat and get that melting. And then I have my other ingredients ready here, I have my flour ready to go, and my egg yolks and my milk and my cheese also that I pre-grated.

    What we are doing is preparing the base for the souffl and is actually called a roux .

    So we have just melted the butter and then we have a quarter cup of flour. So I am going to add that in and don't worry about the lumps, the lumps will work out. You want to just cook the flour and the butter together for a couple of minutes until the mixture starts to bubble. So once the mixture is bubbling and you have cooked it for a couple of minutes then it's ready to go and we want to pour in our milk. So we want to just stir this. What we are actually making now it's gone from a roux to a bchamel sauce. And we want to just stand here and stir this and it will thicken. The flour will cause the sauce to thicken. Now I can see it's getting thicker, I can see it on the back of the spoon a little bit. So we are getting very close now. So you can see now, it's no longer a liquid. It's a sauce because we can see the bottom of the pan and here we have a nice thick sauce. Now I have turned the heat off, we want to start the process of cooling down a little bit but just before that we are going to add all of our nicely grated cheese and Gruyere and Emmental are actually named after valleys in Switzerland.

    So you need this to be hot so you can get that cheese melted and it starts smelling really terrific. Now you want to make sure that the cheese is totally melted before you add the egg yolks. It's going to cool the sauce down and suddenly cheese will start melting. It's very thick after I added the cheese and then I am going to add in my egg yolks, and this is going to give just a really terrific richness to the souffl. So it's kind of nice because you used the whole the whole egg, so I am just going to mix these in and you will see that it's a really nice golden mixture from those egg yolks and we are just going to let this cool now. So that is how we make the base for the souffl. And next we are going to talk about the eggs and beating the egg whites.