Chemical Reactions Science Project – Gas-O-Meter

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Marry Porter from Curiosity Zone shows you how to make a gas-o-meter science project for kids.

    Marry Potter: Hey! I am Marry Potter from the Curiosity Zone. Today we are doing simple science experiment that help young kids explore the concept of energy. Now we are going to do an experiment that shows kids how to create a gas that will actually blow up a balloon. So our ingredients for our project are vinegar and baking soda to create an acid base reaction, we also going to show how you can use you can use effervescent tablets to do it. You are going to need hot water and cold water, you are going to need a spoon, a balloon, any sort of small bottle and you can use a recycled water bottle, it works perfectly and then if you want to get really clever you can make a little label that says like gas-o-meter because that what's we are going to do. We are going to create a gas and then use a balloon to see how much gas is coming off of the acid base reaction that we create in our bottle.

    So step one is you guys just go ahead and put the label on our gas-o-meter. So we know exactly what it is. It's a gas-o-meter cool right, gas-o-meter. Now are going to create an acid base reaction first from combining vinegar which is an acid and baking soda which is a base and sometimes in chemistry when you combine two different things it's almost like to having a fight and they, they get together and they kind of get all stirred up and they throwout what's called a gas. So that's we are going to do right now, we are going to put the vinegar in the bottle, we are going to pour that directly in, is that enough you guys what do you think? Kid: Yeah! It isMarry Potter: Aright, Now the trick the key to this experiment is to put the baking soda in the balloon because it makes the reaction happen on your terms instead of, prematurely because you want to capture all the gas coming off the reaction. So we are going to load up a lot of baking soda in our balloon, how much do you think you guys? I think we need a lot to create a good reaction Kid: A lot on Marry Potter: That's a lot alright. Lets see we got a lot of balloon to blow up those so let's make sure we get a lot of baking soda in here Kid: May be we should put a little more vinegar in. Marry Potter: Well okay we will put more vinegar in as well, here we go alright Kid: That's more than enough Marry Potter: Alright now we are going to go ahead and put the balloon on top of the gas-o-meter and you going to make sure its really well and tight on there and you want to make sure that the opening is right over the top of the center and now what we are going to do on a count of three is we are going to make the baking soda drop into the vinegar. What you think going to happen? Kid: It's going to blow up the balloon Marry Potter: Yeah! There's going to be some gas alright. Let's give it a try ready 1, 2, 3. Whoa! There's a lot of gas coming up for that reaction. Look at that. Kid: see Marry Potter: Wow! How far will it go?

    Kid: I don't know Marry Potter: That's throwing off a lot of gas, that's throwing out CO2 actually which is what we breathe out, humans. Kid: I think it just stopped Marry Potter: We got a lot of gas of that reaction cool! Right now we are going to do the same experiment except that we are going to use hot water and an effervescent tablet. What's interesting about effervescent like Alkazelser or any store brand, is that they have the acid and the base already mixed in that's what it makes it bubble when you add water. So we are going to pour warm water into our bottle and then we are going to break up our effervescent tablet and this is probably good thing for a grown up to do because we don't want kids touching medicine. We are going to break up the tablet, pop it in our balloon, this is our method of distribution.

    Pop it out of the balloon and then okay one more piece. Now, we are going to attach this to our gas-o-meter, just like we did before and on 3 to 1 we are going to drop the effervescent tablets in and we are going to see what happens when you drop the effervescent tablets in the hot water okay, you ready 3, 2, 1. Here it goes, wow! We didn't get nearly as the reaction that we got from the baking soda and the vinegar but we are still getting a pretty good reaction. Look at all the gas come off. How big would you guys say that is, about the size of an apple? Kids: Yeah Marry Potter: Okay. So when we added the hot water it blow up to the size of about an apple relatively quickly right. Okay we are going to do this one more time but we are going to try it again with cold water and see if that changes the acid base reaction and the matter of energy it gives off. So if you want the pour the cold water into the bottle, about half way up. Jackson, I am going to let you hold open the balloon, can you hold that open, and I am going to go ahead and break up the tablet in to little pieces that will drop out of the balloon easily, and that in these go. Oops! Let's breaks that in to a little smaller piece and we go. Alright, now we put this on the top of our gas-o-meter alright. Now what do you guys think is going to happen with the cold water. Do you think it's going to blow faster or slower? Kid: I don't know Marry Potter: What do you think Jackson Jackson: I think Marry Potter: Cold water slows things down or speeds them up Jackson: I think slows. Marry Potter: Alright let's see if its slower ready, in they go. Ha, wow! It's a lot slower this time don't you think? It isn't even standing up yet. Isn't that interesting. There it goes, it's slowly blowing it up again. So it ultimately gets to about the same size right but it's just a little bit slower reaction because of the cold water. Next, we are going to do the same thing only we are going to use the acid base reaction to create a gas to blast off a rocket ship.