Chest-Deep Water Exercises for Thighs & Rear

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Fitness Expert Susan Foster demonstrates chest-deep water exercises for thighs and rear.

    Susan Foster: Hi, I am Susan Foster, Founder of New Attitude Exercise in Nashville, Tennessee. Today we're going to be showing you some fabulous moves in chest-deep water for toning the thighs and rear end. Start warming up the legs, the knee rises up to the chest, roll them from the ball of the foot to the heel of foot. Now, open the knees. We want to warm up the legs, especially the inner thighs, because we're going to really sculp them. Beautiful!

    Now, you're ready for your first inner and outer thigh and rear end combo. Feet together, feet together, push legs apart, land softly, pull it back together. This is a basic jack. Notice how I'm rolling down through the whole foot and bending at the knee. Your tempo can be slow or quick. Once you get really good at this, add some arms. Very nice.

    Now this is a variation on your basic jack. It's called the Slide jack, fabulous for toning, both the inside and outside thighs. Now, I'm going to mimic being in the water, armpits will be wet. I'm going to imitate that by sitting on this chair. You're down low in the water, legs push apart, legs slide together. Slide it, squeeze it, slide, squeeze, outer thigh works, inner thigh works and, of course, the backside is working the whole time.

    Your next move is a Slide Ski, fabulous for toning the upper side of your backside. Now push one heel back and now slide the other heel back. Slide the heel back, and back, really reach with the heel. Good. Sliding the foot along the bottom of the pull, means it's low impact. Once you get the hang of this, add powerful arms. Now watch, you can vary the tempo, soft or intense. Keep the foot low, press through the back of the leg.

    Your next move is an advanced move. It's called the Cheerleader Straddle. Now a big word of caution here. If there is any issues with knees or hips, please sit this one out. It's high energy, it's a lot of fun, you only need to do a handful of these. Get in armpit-deep water, legs apart, then the knees, click up, land low, click up, land low. Click and land, click and land. Up here in the air, they look quick, in the water, you have natural buoyancy to lift you up. You've got time to click the heels together and then land them down low.

    Next, we're going to be moving onto deep water work for inner thighs, outer thighs and rear end.