Chicago – Nightlife & Music

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chicago is famous for it blues and jazz and Chicagoans have a passion for going out and having fun at night

    Male Speaker: Chicago has so much nightlife that you might have to schedule an extra day just to recover. From mega rockstars to hit cocktail mixologists you'll find it all and more. So rest up!

    Musicians flock to Chicago from all corners to take part in this musical mecca that traces its blues and jazz roots back generations and visitors can catch their vibe at legendary blues and jazz clubs across the city. Rock, hip-hop, salsa, or soul, no matter your musical taste, you'll find it live in Chicago any night of the week. Take a seat or stand up and dance at a variety of venues as diverse as what's playing in them. Sport stadiums and grand amphitheatres, piano bars and lounges and hole in the wall clubs all team with music that fills the night air.

    Enjoy an unforgettable evening with the classics at the Symphony Center, home of the extraordinary Chicago Symphony Orchestra or the famed Lyric Opera of Chicago at the Civic Opera House and on select summer evenings you can soak in the soft sounds of the Grant Park Orchestra and chorus, the nation's only free outdoor classical music series.

    And if you prefer live music on a grand scale, Chicago hosts several outdoor annual events that attract thousands of like minds. The Pitchfork Music Festival in July, the world renowned Lollapalooza in August, and the Chicago Jazz Fest in September. All feature the city's magnificent skyline as its unforgettable backdrop.

    For nightlife on a smaller, more intimate scale cozy up to one of the dozens of hotel or wine bars that dot the entertaining landscape or let an award winning mixologists concoct the delectable potion at one of the city's many cocktail lounges. And if a night on a town works up your appetite, Chicago offers plenty of eclectic late-night fare to satisfy.

    Whether you prefer your music and entertainment grandiose and with a crowd, or soft and intimate, you will find it all on any given night here in Chicago.