Chicago Traffic Tops National Congestion

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Los Angeles and Washington have nothing on the 9.5 million residents and tourists clogging Chicago’s roads. Drivers expertly weave their way through gridlock and construction zones, but Chicago’s extensive public transit system bypasses the constant congestion.

    Male Speaker: Do you know the number one congested city in America, voila Houston, number four, hi! What about Los Angeles, they are number three. Given Up? Our nation's capital is number two that's Washington DC, and our number one congested city in America is --Female Speaker: Downtown Long State Lake in Madison.

    Male Speaker: All the streets are congested in Chicago.

    Male Speaker: Yes Chicago, home to 9.

    5 million people who commute in and out of Windy City every single day. With the rising gas prices in our struggling economy you'd expect our car congestion to shrink.

    Male Speaker: I think it's manageable at times it's just insane.

    Male Speaker: The problem, weather problems, car crashes, special events, work zones, oh yeah lots and lots and lots of zones.

    Male Speaker: We have hard traffic areas because we're doing a lot of construction.

    Female Speaker: Worst highways in Chicago are the 90, 94Male Speaker: 290.

    Male Speaker: 290 or 55.

    Male Speaker: What about shortcuts to get it around traffic, always take the side streets.

    Female Speaker: Well if I make sure drive, I'll cut over to congress and then get onto Dearborn.

    Male Speaker: And I adopt the cabby way of driving and that is drive as fast as you can and safely as you can at any given moment.

    Male Speaker: Chicago is a good town, a good city to see a lot of things, but I would advice you really to use public transportation.

    Male Speaker: Ditch the car and take public transportation.

    Male Speaker: Bring a bike.

    Male Speaker: Take taxies.

    Female Speaker: Get around by any other mode of transportation whether walking, biking or taking the train.

    Male Speaker: By following these tips and solutions provided by our fellow Chicagorians may be Chicago will be number one next year. This is Warwick Occomy reporting from Chicago.