Chicago – Transportation

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chicago is easy to get to and offers alternative ways to get around to beat the traffic.

    Male Speaker: With more than 2,900 daily nonstop flights from all over the globe and millions of people within the 300-mile radius of Chicago, it's hard not to feel like the center of the universe. Chicago's prime location and two international airports make Chicago second to none in accessibility. Serving as a major hub for both United and American Airlines and one of the largest Southwest Airlines operations in the country, Chicago offers thousands of daily flights getting you to Chicago from nearly anywhere in the world at any time of day. And if you prefer train or car travel, Chicago serves as a hub for all six major North American railroads and six major US interstates. And once you're here, you can take advantage of the city's convenient and affordable public transportation system. The Chicago Transit Authority, more commonly called the CTA, operates bus service and the underground and elevated subway train referred to as the L throughout the city. You can get tuned from the airports, major attractions, downtown and our many neighborhoods, and with one of the largest taxi fleets in North America, you can always hail a cab. During the summer months, you can take the water taxi for a scenic route along the Chicago River or Lake Michigan. If you're new to the city, you need not worry. You'll get your bearings quickly here. Chicago was named one of the most walkable cities in the U.

    S. The city was rebuilt on a grid system after the Great Chicago Fire, making the city easy to navigate. And many of our top attractions are within walking distance of the city's major downtown hotels. You can also enjoy your strove through one of Chicago's many parks like Millennium and Grant Park, or our famous Lincoln Park where you can check out the free zoo. With 26 miles of uninterrupted lakefront, you can bike with an incredible view. Chicago truly has one of the nation's premiere transportation networks. So however you choose to arrive, getting here and exploring Chicago is easy. Leaving, that's the hard part.