Chicago’s Best Bike Trails

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chicago’s cycling enthusiasts enjoy breathtaking views and safe travel across the city.

    Warwick Occomy: Chicago has a rich cycling tradition that stretches back to the 1860s.

    Tom Ennessy: The bike trails in Chicago are great because it gives you a good place to get out and ride.

    Warwick Occomy: We asked around to find the top stretches of bike path in the Chicago area and this is what we found.

    Number four, the South Shore Path starting from 71st Lakeshore Drive and head all the way up to the Museum Campus. Number three starting from the Museum Campus, leading through Navy Pier and ending in North Avenue Beach.

    The number two path starts at Sheridan Road in Lake Shore Drive and leads to Irving Park Road. And the number one biking path in Chicago, by far, is Belmont in Lake Shore Drive to North Avenue Beach.

    Alice C. Viana: Once you get pass like North Avenue Beach and Oak Street Beach, it tends to quiet down a little bit.

    Nicholas Keiser: It's a different experience as a change of pace.

    Warwick Occomy: Whether it's navigating neighborhood streets or catching a breeze on the weekend, Chicagoans are discovering the benefits of biking. This is Warwick Occomy, reporting from Chicago.