Chicago’s Best Places To Live

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Residents interested in up and coming Chicago neighborhoods have quite a few to choose from, but should hurry while they’re still under the radar.

    Diana Nguyen: With over 200 neighborhoods and 77 community areas in this humble city, it's sufficed to say there is a Chicago neighborhood for everyone. And while some neighborhoods may have state their grounds, others are trying to establish themselves.

    Starting with the list of Chicago's up and coming neighborhood is the north side area of Ravenswood.

    Eileen Romito: It's a very historical area. It's a neighborhood that's been around for a long time. So, it's had its areas of up and coming, but it's kind of resurfaced into the public eye recently partly because Rahm Emanuel actually owns a home in Ravenswood. It's very residential neighborhood; you have restaurants and bars and shops and that sort of thing. It's a little bit of everything.

    Diana Nguyen: And if a chance meeting with Rahm isn't enough, try the south side neighborhood of Kenwood.

    Cara J. Walker: President Obama actually lives in Kenwood and not Hyde Park. Many people think that he lives in Hyde Park, but he lives in Kenwood.

    Diana Nguyen: So why should you join the President in Kenwood?

    Cara J. Walker: Everybody knows Hyde Park, but Hyde Park is fairly expensive. Kenwood neighbors Hyde Park and it's more affordable. The way the neighborhood is set up is very private. It's very close to the lake, close to downtown. I'd say most people who will be there be like significant.

    Diana Nguyen: But for the most bang for your buck, try Bronzeville, another south side neighborhood. Cara J. Walker: It's very historic, it's very rich in history in Chicago. It's very close to downtown. It has a lot of gray stones and they all look like mini mansions. It's just -- the place is pretty close to the lake front and very close to downtown.

    Diana Nguyen: But if you want the true Chicago downtown feel, the best neighborhood for you is the New East Side.

    Eileen Romito: It's kind of tucked away in-between Millennium Park and the river and touching the lake. So it's kind of good location, close to the loop that a lot of people have started to discover, but it's also set away from all of the busy and bustle of the downtown area.

    Diana Nguyen: Ravenswood, Kenwood, Bronzeville, and the New East Side, these are Chicago's up and coming neighborhood. Reporting from this great city, this is Diana Nguyen.