Chicago’s Favorite Foods

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chicago residents can’t stay away from their native foods, even if they aren’t the healthiest options.

    Male Speaker: Here in Chicago there are all kinds of things we love, we love our baseball, we love our cars, and we love our calories.

    Female Speaker: My favorite foods in Chicago are hotdogs and pizza.

    Marc Schulman: Robinson's Ribs.

    Female Speaker: Gyros.

    Male Speaker: My Chicago favorite food is Al's Beef.

    Male Speaker: Hotdogs and Italian beef.

    Male Speaker: Deep dish pizza.

    Female Speaker: Chicago style hotdog.

    Female Speaker: The Eli's Cheesecake.

    Male Speaker: Homemade Italian beef.

    Male Speaker: We like to pile our ingredients high and we like them big and large.

    Male Speaker: There is olive oil, there is garlic.

    Female Speaker: The Cheese is really like melty and nice.

    Male Speaker: The hot peppers on the Italian beef.

    Female Speaker: Because it's covered in chocolate and it comes on a stick.

    Female Speaker: The peppers, the relish.

    Male Speaker: High calorie count doesn't seem to stopping people from enjoying some of Chicago's favorite eats and treats.

    Marc Schulman: Eli's, this is Chicago institution, we have a family business, over 70 years of the restaurant business in Chicago. Well hopefully some days like today over 10,000, so it's busy, set the all time record.

    Male Speaker: A low calorie diet can add ten years to your life so we probably should be counting calories.

    Male Speaker: Do you want to know how may calories that is?

    Female Speaker: No.

    Male Speaker: No I don't.

    Female Speaker: I mean to say 600 is.

    Female Speaker: They are extremely not good, but I don't care.

    Male Speaker: Temptation is easy to overcome, but not all Chicago natives are indulging.

    Bai Price: A Turkey sandwich is a Chicago favorite food with fewer calories. It has very little fat in it and will not clot your arteries.

    Male Speaker: My Chicago favorite food is Salmon.

    Male Speaker: Subway Grilled Cheese Sandwich.

    Male Speaker: Some vendors are even offering low calorie versions of local favorites.

    Marc Schulman: We have cheese cake, you get about a 120 all the way up to about 400, but you know what, those are the best calories you are ever going to have.

    Male Speaker: I am talking to your taste buds and this is Warwick Occomy reporting from Chicago.