Chicago’s Haunted Landmarks

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chicago’s spookiest destinations have a historic reputation for being haunted, but it’s up to locals and visitors to decide the paranormal truth for themselves.

    Slobodan Plavsic: The windy city is haunted with ghosts from its past. Chicago's early settlers and gangsters can still be seen today. If you're looking for a genuine encounter with a ghost, here are the top-haunted destinations in Chicago.

    Some say the Congress Hotel on Michigan Avenue is haunted by its previous owner, Al Capone. Its hallways have been described as being similar to those in 'The Shining' and there are even secret escape routes still exist.

    Female Speaker: Do I believe in ghosts? I believe in the paranormal.

    Dale Kaczmarek: I believe Chicago is probably the most haunted city in the world. Resurrection Cemetery, probably Chicago's most famous ghost, has a report of a ghost that base back to the mid 1930s of a hitchhiking female.

    Male Speaker: Is Resurrection Cemetery haunted? I believe so.

    Slobodan Plavsic: Every Halloween, local bartenders put a drink at the end of the bar just in case she makes an appearance. The best time to catch a glimpse of her is after 1:30 in the morning and the night before a full moon.

    Dale Kaczmarek: The Water Tower in Downtown Chicago, the landmark of Chicago rising out of the Great Chicago fire. A lot of people passing by that Water Tower have seen unhappy person of a hanged figure, a man hanging by his neck from the top windows from the Water Tower.

    Slobodan Plavsic: Excalibur has been called one of the most haunted locations in Chicago.

    Dale Kaczmarek: Well, some people thought that at one time Excalibur was the location where some of the bodies that were brought from the Eastland, and that's not actually true. The building used to be the original Chicago historical Society.

    Female Speaker: Do I believe in ghosts? Yeah, I do.

    Female Speaker: Yes, I've seen a ghost.

    Slobodan Plavsic: The building adjacent to Excalibur formerly known as the dorm room is equally as haunted. Reports of a ghostly young woman had been seen peering over the balcony. Doorman, Dan, took us on a tour.

    Dan: Well, from here cold breeze.

    Slobodan Plavsic: For a good chance to see a ghost, check out these haunted locations. Reporting from Chicago, I'm Slobodan Plavsic.