Chicago’s Most Authentic Mexican Restaurants

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Unique atmospheres and traditional food draw Chicago residents to some of the city’s best Mexican restaurants, and friendly staff and hard-to-find entrees keep them coming back for more.

    David Robin: Chicago might not be the first place you think off when it comes to Mexican food. So we spoke to the locals and got their opinions on Chicago's top authentic Mexican restaurants. Thuy-Khure Tran: I love Amelia's. I keep coming back for the mussels. Derrick Davis: Amelia's is a great restaurant and I am a big fan of the molotes. David Robin: First on the list is Amelia's Mestizo Grill. Located on South Halsted Street, this casual and relaxed restaurant is the perfect pick for your next fiesta out in the town. Eusebio Garcia: People love it; people love it and I do different dishes that you can't find in another restaurant. David Robin: Next up is Chilam Balam. This unassuming BYOB on North Broadway Street makes for the perfect end of the day. Jesus Valencia: We are a small BYOB restaurant; we are about 40 seats. We are a cash-only Mexican small place. So the idea is kind of like sort of like shared tapas. David Robin: At Salpicon on North Wells Street, Chef Priscila Satkoff is one of the most talented chefs in the city and she has proven that with Salpicon success for the last 17 years. Priscila Satkoff: Well, at Salpicon, we actually specialize in tequilas. We have over 100 super-premium tequilas which mean those are made with the base agave that you can find in Mexico. David Robin: If tequila is not you thing, check out this Little Village's gem; from the moment you step into La Casa De Samuel, it's obvious this pick is truly of it. Chef Samuel Linares offers an exquisite menu featuring dishes regional to his native, Acapulco. So don't wait for Cinco de Mayo to try these great Mexican restaurants and hey, pass the salsa. This is David Robin reporting from Chicago.