Chicago’s Top Kid Friendly Parks

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    With hundreds of parks scattered across Chicago, residents consider their special facilities, unique events or unequaled atmospheres to pick their favorites public spaces.

    Earnest Kinnison: Chicago has over 570 parks and 518 playgrounds, plus thousands of special events and programs. We asked Chicago residents what they consider to be the top five parks in the city.

    First on the list is Welles Park located in the heart of Lincoln Square.

    Sarah Kinnison: Welles Park is a special place and there is a variety of playground equipment. There is a grand teeter-totter, then there are monkey bars, there are climbing walls, and it's safe. There is a gate that goes all the away around, so I can feel safe bringing the three kids.

    Earnest Kinnison: Winnemac Park named for its adjacent street offers an accessible playground for the community. Next up is Peterson Park. Located in the North Park neighborhood, this hidden gem is sure to please.

    Chansse Antonopoulos: What is special about Peterson Park is that it's tucked away far enough that you don't remember that you're in the city when you here. It feels like nature and it's a really nice escape.

    Earnest Kinnison: If you were looking for some fun in the sun then River Park is the place for you located at the convergence of Chicago river and canal includes a water park in the summer months as well as a new soft surface playground and artificial turf soccer field.

    And finally, Horner Park, in the Irving Park neighborhood, rounds out Chicago's top five parks for kids. It's well-known because it's one of the largest parks on the north side and offers programs to meet every possible age group, interest, and need.

    Chansse Antonopoulos: What I really like about Chicago parks in general is that no matter where you live in the city, you're going to be able to walk to a park and that's really nice.

    Earnest Kinnison: No matter what neighborhood you find yourself in you're bound to be close to a Chicago park with several kids hard at play. Reporting from Chicago, this is Earnest Kinnison.