Chicken Chili

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Try this yummy twist on classic chili by substituting chicken for ground beef. It’s a heart healthy alternative that the entire family will love!

    Female Speaker 1: We love chili.

    Female Speaker 2: It is always a crowd pleaser.

    Female Speaker 1: We will start by preparing the chicken.

    Female Speaker 2: Okay. Well, how much chicken do we need?

    Female Speaker 1: This recipe calls for one pound of boneless, skinless tenders, but you can use one pound of ground white meat, chicken meat, or turkey if you prefer.

    Now there is no fat on these tenders, but if you see on yours, but sure to trim off your fat with a paring knife or kitchen scissors actually do a perfect job.

    Female Speaker 2: So, are we ready to start cooking?

    Female Speaker 1: Yes, we are. Why dont you go ahead and turn up the heat.

    Female Speaker 2: All right, just spur pan.

    Female Speaker 1: I am going to go ahead and get our chicken tenders cut up. Using the kitchen scissors is so much easier than a paring knife. All right, there we go. I am going to go ahead and put that.

    Female Speaker 2: Okay.

    Female Speaker 1: And go ahead and start cooking up.

    Female Speaker 2: All right.

    Female Speaker 1: Now while, you are doing that, I am going to go ahead and get the other ingredients together.

    Female Speaker 2: So what else are we adding to this?

    Female Speaker 1: Now, lets go ahead and add that red onion and bell peppers.

    Female Speaker 2: Okay. Specifically using a red onion, it has a lot of flavor.

    Female Speaker 1: Yes, it does. Let me go ahead and get these beans ready.

    Female Speaker 2: Okay, so what else are we going to add along with the --Female Speaker 1: We will add one teaspoon or minced garlic form the handy jar, I already minced.

    Female Speaker 2: Okay.

    Female Speaker 1: Now, how about one teaspoon of chili powder, and lets go ahead and let that cook for about seven minutes or so until the chicken isnt pink anymore.

    Female Speaker 2: Got it.

    Female Speaker 1: Now, I have two cans of low-sodium kidney beans that I am draining here, and we are just going to lightly smash them down. Now, I think I am ready to get these in the pot.

    Female Speaker 2: All right, you know what, perfect timing, because the chicken is no longer pink. Okay, so now thats in there, we are going to add two cans of low-sodium fat free chicken broth.

    Female Speaker 1: Now, I am going to go ahead and add a half teaspoon of pepper. Now, I am going to go ahead and add some cumin here, and thats it, quick and easy.

    Female Speaker 2: That is so easy. I cannot believe it. So now, all we need to do is just have this simmer on high heat for about 10 minutes. Then, when its ready, we can spin it into the bowls and top them each with fresh cilantro or pretty much anything you like. The perfect bowl of chili.