Chicken Parmesan-Cooking the Chicken

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    In this video John McCormack, Executive Chef of the Trois Estate, demonstrates how to make chicken parmesan including how to cook the chicken.

    John McCormack: Hi everybody! How are you doing? This John McCormack, here at The Trois Estate in Fredericksburg, Texas. Now I am going to show you, how to prepare the chicken for chicken parmesan dish. What I have here is a nice seven or nine ounce chicken breast, nice and dried. I have got an egg wash here that I went ahead and beat two eggs together. What were going to do is place it in the egg wash. We are going to give it a good coding. We are going to wipe the excess off. After we do that, we are going to put it in our bread crumbs. Our bread crumbs here are the ones that we prepared early with a little parmesan and parsley, and a nice daled bag egg. Set it aside on the side here on a parchment paper. And let it set while we prepare the saut pan with the oil. Now that we prepared our chicken, lets come over here to the saut section, we are going to put our pan down, remember earlier like I told you method, procedure, and techniques. Lets get a good nice hot pan. Get your pan hot, add olive oil, just enough to saut. We are not frying, when you saut, you just want to put enough oil down to coat the bottom of the pan. Let it come up to the temperature. We are going to cook these two chicken parmesan right here that I have already breaded. Remember safety tip, when you are adding in the hot oil, always lay away from it. Lay the presentation side down, first in this case it really doesn't matter because it's going to be coated, but that's a good tip when you are frying fish, or anything else that you want to marque.

    Now, as you have got your chicken in your saut pan, you want a good temperature on it. You don't want to burn it, you don't want it brown. You don't want to make the crust a little bitter by over browning it. So you want a good temperature, watch out, watch it, look at it, check it, look at the bottom layer. You wan to turn it over, there is what you want, a nice golden brown on both side. Let it get a good head start. Do the other side just as well. Now, when the other chicken breast thats this thick, you probably could finish it on the stove top. If not, a little thicker, you want to go ahead, as not to overcook your bread crumbs on the outside. You want to go ahead, and finish it in the oven, at a good 450, for a good four to six minutes. It's now have been about a good four and a half minutes. That should be fine with this size breast. It kept a nice really good golden brown color, and it is going to have a nice flavor. So what do we want to do after we pull it out, lets go ahead and just set it to let a rest a minute, just for a few seconds because also you are cooking in a frying type of method, which is a method of cooking, that you just concentration. And what it did by putting the egg wash on and drop it into oil. It did seal it, it sealed all its juices in a little pocket and then all the juices do concentrate to almost the center of the breast. Just like me, you need to let it rest a little bit, so your chicken wont be drying and you wont loose all the great juices that are inside.