Chicken Parmesan-Layering Chicken

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    In this video John McCormack, Executive Chef of the Trois Estate, demonstrates how to make chicken parmesan including how to layer the chicken.

    John McCormack: Hi everybody! How are you doing? I am John McCormack with the Trois Estate. I am the Executive Chef, in the beautiful hill country here, at Fredericksburg, Texas. What I am going to show you now is how to layer the chicken. What we are going to do, is take our chicken breast, we are going to add it just to our plate, I am going to throw it in the broiler. This is all you going to take a minute, but this is how you get your layers. What I want to do here, is take a ladle, or the marinara that we talked about earlier that we made. We are going to go ahead to give a nice, two ounces on top of our chicken breast and get our blind Parmigiano-Reggiano, mozzarella, add it on top, get a good, nice generous amount. So we get a good even melts. I am going to take this, I am going to stick it our broiler. It should be ready in less than a minute. Classic side that always goes for chicken parmesan, a little Angel Hair of fresh pasta. So what I have got to do is, a little sauce pot, filled with water and always add a little olive oil to it, a little salt. Salt your water for flavor, let it come to a nice bowl. Remember angel here, those cook very quickly, may be two and half or three minutes in the water and thats it.

    Over here I am also going to cover this dish, its a little pan-seared asparagus, little olive oil, little salt, little pepper and I am going to add a nice drop of butter. Let it saut like just a few minutes. These have been partially cooked, so it's not going to take more than, may be a minute, minute and half to bring back up to temperature. In the final part of cooking our chicken, we want to have it put in the boiler already, because we wanted to knob the cheese on top. Now be careful it's going to be very hot, so once you pull it out, should have a nice melt on the top or nice mozzarella is melted on top, or home made marinade underneath, then we have a nice bread Italian styled chicken breast below.

    Now lets get started on the final garnishing of the dish.