Chicken Parmesan-Presentation

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    In this video John McCormack, Executive Chef of the Trois Estate, demonstrates how to make chicken parmesan including how to put the chicken parmesan together.

    John McCormack: Hi! I am John McCormack, I am the chef of the Trois Estate, a beautiful hill country here a Fredericksburg, Texas. And final steps of this dish, the great chicken parmesan, what we want to do is garnishing, sky is the limit. Make it the way, you want to make it, make it pretty, all you really have is, the circle, the squares to work with, fresh herbs, fresh diced vegetables, whatever you want to do, fresh drizzles. However you think that your flavor pallet, and the way you like it, make it your own way. Here is the way we do it here. First we think of also what kind of wine, it goes good with. We serve a great Shiraz here, as our table wine, but a great Chianti, a classic Chianti is always good, a great Merlot is always good. I like a little Shiraz on mine. Here is what we are going to do. We are going to take, a classic company mint that goes with this chicken parmesan. Its a little angel hair, angel hair is passed on the side, what I am going to do, is toss it real quick in a little butter and garlic. Get the water out, it's not really enough to put the strainer, give a little flavor pasta and chicken parmesan, made hand in hand. Give it a little good flavor, bring it over to our plate, pick it, and twist -- the nice little twist on the plate. Go ahead and lets prop it up, just a little bit, to give it a little pipe, then again here at the Trois state, we do also accompany with some roasted asparagus which will fan over the top. You want more, now lets put both of them on there. There you go, give it a lot of life, lets put a little seasoning, again, we are going to maybe top it with a little extra parmesan cheese. Not too much. A little cut fresh red and yellow bell pepper, to give a little color. It's summer time here, as to give a little summer fill, as well as a nice piece of basil that we picked from our garden, choose this one here. And thats the way we do it here to at Trois Estate.