Chicken with Cranberries

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Phil Anderson demonstrates how to make Chicken with Cranberries.

    Phil Anderson: Hi! I am Chef Phil Anderson, Harris Teeters Executive Chef. Chicken with Cranberries has always been a favorite of mine. Its a great delicious dish. The first thing you do is you wash and you pat dry your chicken. We have got three boneless skinless breast of chicken. We have a half-a-cup of cranberries and then a cup of orange juice, seasoned with salt and pepper whole wheat flour, and about a half-a-cup of green onions.

    First thing we are going to do here is we are going to take some saran wrap, put our chicken pieces down on the saran wrap. Now, why we do this is so that the chicken cooks evenly and on the skillet. So we want to have the chicken breasts about the same size, the same thickness.

    Now, the chicken is nice and pounded. We will take a bag, we will throw our seasoning, salt and pepper, whole wheat flour, put that in there. We are going to toss our chicken in this bag. That way, the chicken gets nice and coated without the mess.

    Okay. Well at the stove top, now you noticed that I have a cast iron skillet here. They are very useful, especially when you are doing proteins with chicken and stakes and stuff.

    So we have it over kind of a low medium heat, and we are heating it up, and we are going to add some oil. We've got our chicken right here. I am going to -- let that sizzle. So we are just kind of burning in the flour into the chicken, and what it's going to do is it's going to release some of the chickens flavoring and we call it a fondue.

    I like this part of the cooking piece because you get to see and smell the reaction of whats happening. The waves of the nutty flavor or nutty aroma of the flour. You see I am going to show a peek right now. Its not near the brown we want. See that, its getting there, but its not quite there. Lets go another minute on this side, and then we will flip them over, and you will see what I mean by golden brown.

    Alright. We will flip them. Okay, so a couple of more minutes on this side. They wont be fully cooked. We are just getting the brownness to them. We are actually making a sauce, and we are using the chicken to help make the sauce. We've got a nice brown on that side. We are going to put those in plate. We are going to deglaze it with the orange juice, add the cranberries, and put the chicken back in.

    Keeping it over medium heat, you have to do this fast. Now, you want to add the chicken back, collecting all of the fondue on the bottom there, kind of making the sauce for you. Now you want to cover it. Keep as much moisture in there as possible. Now, you want to keep that for about 10 minutes or so.

    Okay. We are back, it has been about 10 minutes, and I have already checked in to see if they are done, and they are. The internal temperature of chicken needs to come to 165 degrees. See that sauce is nice and brown. So I am going to plate some up. First, I am going to add the onions. Now, it gets with the nice color.

    This is the one I am going to plate out for you. There you are, Chicken with Cranberries. Enjoy!