Child Manners – Eating Food

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Child Expert Peggy Turnblacer discusses teaching children how to eat food with good manners.

    Peggy Turnblacer: Hi, I'm Peggy Turnblacer, with the Tadpole Dreams Good Manners Program and we are teaching your children good manners. Today, we're going to show you how children can handle awkward situations. Because no matter how you slice it, some foods are really hard to eat. Well, now we're going to talk about what I like to call funny foods. First we're going to start with this pasta that we have have in front of us. How many of you like pasta? Me too, I love pasta. Well, believe it or not, of course, with manners, there's always a right and wrong way to do everything and there is a right way to do your pasta, to eat your pasta.

    You don't always get a pasta spoon, but if you do get a pasta spoon, with your pasta, what you want to do, is take your pasta spoon, take your spaghetti, go to pasta and twirl it on your spoon, so that it makes a very little long line. Then just get it in your mouth as the best you can. There Kally! That's good. With good manners, there's a right way and a wrong way. The wrong way to eat pasta is much like the wrong way to eat soup. You don't want to have pasta hanging from your mouth, slurping it up, you want to get it as rolled up as neatly as you can, and in your mouth with the minimum dramatics and noise. We have a little rule that we call B, B and E. It's called break, butter and eat. One thing you don't want to do is take your roll or your piece of bread and butter the whole piece, and it's also not good manners to take your bread and cut it with the knife.

    Typically, a roll like this will be broken to three pieces. Let me demonstrate to you. Spencer, would you please pass the butter?

    Spencer: Yes.

    Peggy Turnblacer: Thank you so much, what I'd like to do is you always take a small piece of butter or whatever you need and put it on your plate. You do not butter your roll directly from the butter plate. You'll always put the pat of butter on your butter plate or if you don't have a butter plate, you're just having a casual dinner at home, which normally we would, just put the butter on your dinner plate, right next to your bread. Take that, then what you'd like to do is take a piece of your roll, break it, butter it and eat it.

    In our next segment, we are going to teach the children how about how to write thank you notes.