Child Manners – Polite Conversation

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Child Expert Peggy Turnblacer discusses how to teach children polite conversation.

    Peggy Turnblacer: Hi! I'm Peggy Turnblacer, with the Tadpole Dreams Good Manners Program. Today we are teaching you, how to teach your children good manners. In this segment we will teach you, how they can learn polite conversation with adults. I know that many children when they -- when you have your guests over, you have your friends and family over. Sometimes children are very shy and they really don't know, what to talk about.

    It's not that they don't want talk to people, but they just don't know what to say. So we have two basic tips for you, that you can tell your children to make them feel more comfortable. The first tip is, tell your children how proud you are of them and how you want to share them with your friends and family, and you really wish, that they would spend just a little time, making some conversation with your family and your friends, because you like to show them off. The second tip is, if you have visitors, you can tell your children try to spend a little bit of time with our visitors and spend a little of time just talking to them, maybe about five minutes because they will know, how to start a conversation with an adult, that will make them feel comfortable. So what you can tell them is that they have, there are many subjects that they can bring up, that are great subjects such as, the weather, you can say "It's sort of hot outside" or something like that, or you can talk about school, or you can talk about a vacation that's coming up, or things like that. Sports teams, ask the person questions about their favorite sports teams.

    Here is something that's not to talk about. Money is not a good topic, personal problems are not a good topic, family arguments, you don't want your kids talking about any family arguments that they may have ever heard. You certainly don't want -- you want to tell your children not to talk about their recent bet with the stomach flu and all it's great detail. Here is an activity so that you can show your kids, how they can come up with ideas on acceptable topics that they can use with adults.

    So what you'll need, you won't really need very much, you just need some construction paper, cut into two inch strips and you will need some markers, that's all you need and some tape. So, what they will do is they will think of different people, all that they would want to talk to and they will write some conversations starters on those construction strips. When they're finished, they may have ten or twelve of those and then they will make chains out of those, really colorful chains.

    It's a lot of fun, they can put stickers on them or just decorate them with anything you have around the house. But they are really fun to make and the kids will enjoy that, and they will also learn, how they will be able to come up with ideas to think of things to talk about with adults. Coming up in our next segment, we will be teaching you all about table manners.