Child Manners-Proper Introductions

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Child Expert Peggy Turnblacer discusses how to teach children proper introductions.

    Peggy Turnblacer: I am Peggy Turnblacer with the Tadpole Dreams Good Manners Program and we're teaching your children, good manners today. So, we are going to start off today with teaching, how to properly introduce people and I am going to show you how you can teach your children good manners with proper introductions. We have four rules you want to know about before we start with your children's activities.

    The first rule is that if you have a man and a woman, you should always say the woman's name first. So you would say "Mrs. Smith, I'd like you to meet Mr. Jones.

    " If you have an older person and the younger person, you would want to say, the older person's name first. So you would say, "Mafizula, I'd like you to meet my sister Sue.

    "If you have a more prominent person and a person less prominent, you would want to say the more prominent person's name first. So you would say, "President Obama, I would like you to meet my mom Mrs. Smith.

    " The last rule you really want to teach your children today is that they should always look right into the person's eye and shake their hand. Not too hard and not too soft, but definitely you want that eye contact and you want that nice handshake. Now before we get started, you're going to need a couple of things to use for the craft. What you will need are some craft sticks like this, perhaps you can see these sticks and then some pictures of famous people from any kind of movie magazines. You would want them to be pictures of people that your kids would be interested in, cutting out pictures of the people that they know. So here we have George Clooney and we have Jennifer Aniston. So, these are just two puppets we have.

    Of course, you know that our rule is that the woman's name is said first. So, I would say "Jennifer, I'd like you to meet George.

    " Then your kids can practice that way with some different, introducing different people and that way, they would be practicing the four rules I just told you about. Kid: So, George Clooney, I would like you to meet Harrison Ford.

    Peggy Turnblacer: So this is a fun activity for them and something that will really keep them engaged. Now that we're finished with introductions. Now it's time to move onto the next section, which is how to teach your children polite conversation.