Child Manners – Telephone Skills

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Child Expert Peggy Turnblacer discusses telephone skills for children.

    Peggy Turnblacer: Hi, I'm Peggy Turnblacer, with the Tadpole Dreams Good Manners Program and we are teaching your children all about good manners. Today, we're going to teach them about having good telephone manners. This segment will show your children how to create a great first impression on the telephone when people call your house. What you're going to need for this segment are two telephones that they can do some role playing with. It's a lot of fun. One skit is how not to answer the telephone and the other skit is how they should answer the telephone. So, they are allowed to practice those skits and then lots of times we video tape those and that the children watch them on T.


    , it's a lot of fun. Some basic rules that they need to know about telephone manners which we will teach them now, never ever giving out personal information, of course, to a stranger calling their home. If the parents are not home, they should never tell someone calling them that their parents are not home. When someone calls their mom or their dad, they should never ever yell into the phone. They should put the phone down, and just go and get the people. When they answer the phone, they should say, "Hello, this is the Smith Residence or the Jones Residence.

    " So the people on the other end know who they're calling. They should never give out personal information on the phone. If someone is in the bathroom at the time of a phone call, they shouldn't be telling, the person calling, that their mom or dad is in the bathroom, things like that. They should just say that they are busy and that they can call them back. Let's take a look at a skit that the kids have created that show them how they should not answer the phone.

    Speaker: Hello, can I speak to your mom please?

    Speaker: She is -- hold on a minute, Mom! Oh! She's in bathroom, she can be there after a while. Let me go (Voice Overlap)Peggy Turnblacer: Now let's take a look at a skit that shows everything they've learned about telephone manners and the proper way to answer the phone.

    Peyton: Smith Residence, Peyton speaking.

    Duffy: Hi, may I please speak to your mom, this is Duffy.

    Peyton: Sure, I'll go get her, please hold. Mom, it's for you.

    Peggy Turnblacer: Very good, this reinforces the value of good manners and it will give them confidence in their lives so that they can go through their lives with good relationships with their friends, their family members and their teachers, because we all know that nice manners say nice child.