Child Manners – Thank You Notes

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Child Expert Peggy Turnblacer discusses teaching children to write thank you notes.

    Peggy Turnblacer: Hi! I'm Peggy Turnblacer, with the Tadpole Dreams Good Manners Program and we are teaching your children all about good manners. Today we are going to teach your children about the value of thank you notes. Because in this day and age of texting, instant messaging and all of the things that we get caught up with, many, many children do not write thank you notes, and it's so nice to show someone who has done something nice to you, how much you appreciate it.

    You can just imagine, with grandma, grandpa or something if they give your child a gift, they like to be acknowledged, and so we really want to teach them how to do this. You won't really need very much to teach them this, you'll just needs some colorful stationary, maybe some stickers, some envelopes, and some markers and things like that. Talk to them about, why they should thank people and how to do it. It doesn't have to be a long note, it can just be something that mentions the gift and how much you appreciate it.

    The fact that you are acknowledging that gift and sending that note to the mail, means so much to the people who help your children. And they will learn the value of showing gratitude and it's something that will carry them through their lives. Many children don't know how to address an envelope. So we are going to show them how to do that as well. It's really important to show the students where to put the address. Sometimes they get mixed up and of course you want to put the address in the center of the envelope.

    You want to make sure that the title is correct. So if it's Mr. and Mrs. or Doctor and Mrs. or Reverend, you want to talk to them about people's titles and then you want to show them where they should put the return address, which always goes in the upper left hand side of the envelope. Of course the stamp goes on the right hand side. You'd be amazed, that how many kids don't know about that.

    After they are all finished with their thank you note, and they have everything the way they want it with their sparkles, or maybe their stickers and things like that, you may want to ask them to read it back to you, because then you can hear them, telling you everything they were going to say and that adds for further discussion on the value of showing gratitude and writing a thank you note. Speaker: Thank you for taking me to the oriole's game yesterday. I had a bliss! From Peyton.

    Peggy Turnblacer: Coming up in our next segment, we are going to tell you all about host and guest skills.