Child Safety – Preventing Attempted Abductions

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Nancy McBride from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children talks about preventing attempted abductions.

    Nancy McBride: My name is Nancy McBride, I am from with The National Centre for Missing & Exploited Children and today we are going to be talking about attempted abduction. What we at The National Centre have learned about them and what parents and guardians can do to help keep their kids safer. Before we start, I would really like the audience to think about the messages they were taught when they were a child, never talk to strangers, do not take candy from strangers and we are going to discuss if those are messages that are really effective for kids today, if they are approached by somebody who is trying to abduct them.

    I have been with The National Centre for Missing & Exploited Children since 1990 and I have been in this organization and this business for over 20 years. So, a lot has changed in that 20 year period and I think it is important that we speak about the most up-to-date information that we can and we are fortunate that we have an attempted abduction study, where we have actually analyzed the cases and come up with some conclusions, so I would like to begin and share that information with you today.