Childproofing the Garage

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Dr. Jamie Freishtat, a Pediatrician from Safe Kids USA, will show you how to keep your garage safe for your kids during summer.

    Dr. Jamie Freishtat: Hi, I am Dr. Jamie Freishtat, a pediatrician from Safe Kids, USA. Today I am addressing childproofing room-by-room. And right now I am going to go over some safety tips for the garage. First and foremost, adult supervision is always necessary. Children should not be left alone in or around the garage. Next is car safety. Make sure you never warm up the car in a garage, even if the garage door is open. You always want to move the car outside. Also, whenever you're pulling your car in or out of the garage, make sure you know where the children are at all times. If you use an automatic garage door opener, make sure you know where the children are when you're both opening and closing the door. To detect carbon monoxide, place the carbon monoxide detector in the garage, in addition to placing them on every level of the home and outside each sleeping area. Test the alarms monthly and replace batteries at least once a year. Next, be sure you store all flammable, hazardous, and poisonous materials up high and locked away in a detached shelf. Be sure all flammable liquids are not only locked up, but kept away from any possible ignition sources. Be sure all tools are stored up high and locked away as well. You don't want the children to get into them. Be sure all types of cords and wires are stored up high, out of reach of children, and locked up. These are strangulation risk. I hope that some of these tips help keep your garage safe and your children injury free.