Chloë Grace Moretz Gets Honest About Staying Real in Hollywood

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chloë Grace Moretz is on the go. The 17-year-old actress was in Toronto to screen and promote The Equalizer at the city’s International Film Festival, and there we caught up with her to ask about starring opposite Denzel Washington in the thriller. Chloë also opened up about how she manages to keep her life as normal as possible despite a very hectic routine of filmmaking and travel.

    [Video clip]Allie Merriam: Tell me, what were your initial impressions on taking this role, because the abused prostitute -- I would imagine maybe you might have some hesitations? Chlo Grace Moretz: I think ours the only hesitation was will I be able to do a justice, will I able to fully fulfill that character and you know because I had a little of that you know I am -- I really did a lot of research for the role and I went to this organization called the Children Of The Night and I met a lot of young girls who have been put in the situation and this horrible unfortunate situation. And I met them and I talked to them and they shared their stories with me and I kind of became friends with them and I really you know what I realized is they have this you know besides the dark stories I heard them tell me but, what it really was were these beautiful, beautiful young girls who have these amazing fires inside their souls, you know they have this kind of spark and this optimism that you can't kind of take out of them, you know what I mean you can't take that away from them no matter what. And I really wanted to kind of put that into Elina and that's what really made me so excited about it. Allie Merriam: This movie is the latest thing keeping you busy, it seems as though you travel a lot for work whether you're filming, promoting whatever; now how do you try to keep normalcy in your life when every week is different.

    Chlo Grace Moretz: Kind of what I try and do is I keep family around me, so my brother is always with me, my mom is always with me; I just try and kind of keep a grounded and cool and you know lot of people that are trying and you're like oh! Let me get this for you, let me get that for you and I am trying to be like, no I will do it myself. You know I just try and stay normal and try and not feed in to a kind of what everyone tries to do which is kind of cater to you and I hate that, I hate that feeling. So I like a bit more of the independency like I can do it myself. Allie Merriam: And not at 17 you've really accomplished a lot professionally so what's next, on your to-achieve list. Chlo Grace Moretz: I kind of want to become more of a social activist, in the system, I want to kind of stand up for things that I enjoy and like feminism and in different charities like Children Of The Night and stuff like that. So I kind of want to get more active with that and more time to go and actually I am not even 18 yet, so I don't know, we will see. Allie Merriam: Plenty of time. Now sort of back to the movie; tell me about sharing scenes with Denzel Washington, because I imagine that's a special experience.

    Chlo Grace Moretz: Totally! It was as a beautiful experience working with him. He is such an amazing guy and an amazing actor and you know what, what he does when he is on set is kind of -- it tells you more about who he is than anything, when you have a conversation with him; when you watch him conduct himself on set and how he acts and who he is there, it kind of shows you who he really is you know many times you see his soul in and kind of see how he acts and. You know he taught me a lot about myself and what I want to be like on set. Allie Merriam: And now finally with your character of Elina, how did you really try to make her your own?

    Chlo Grace Moretz: Well I tried to pour my heart in to it; I tried to give a lot of my soul up into and kind of imagine what it must be like to go through these situations. and I collaborate a lot with Antoine and that one of the main things I want to do is, I gained about 10-15 pounds for the role to kind of really delete all sense of Chlo to really be able to look in the mirror and know it's not me and I think that. I was really one for the wigs to kind of really put in those wigs and kind of -- it took you even farther away from a young girl it kind of showed you what they were trying to do her which is beat every sense of childhood out of her.