Chocolate Buttercream Icing

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Specialty baker Petra Cox breaks down how to make a Chocolate Butter Cream Frosting.

    Petra Cox

    Petra is a specialty baker for Mom's Apple Pie Company, a family-run bakery with four locations in Northern Virginia. By the time she was born, the family business had been operating from their home for three years. Petra and her siblings grew up rolling crusts, peeling apples and baking pies with their parents from early on. In addition to bakery experience, Petra trained with family friend, Is Harris, making a variety of Thai cuisine from scratch, punctuating her culinary appreciation for both sweet and savory flavors and techniques. Subsequent training in oenology and cuisine both in Florence, Italy and Washington, DC led to her current position as wine buyer and recipe research and development at Mom's Apple Pie in Occoquan, Virginia.

    Hi I am Petra Cox with Moms Apple Pie Bakery in Occoquan, Virginia. We are making a chocolate cake thats in the oven right now.

    Now, we have enough time to make a really good Chocolate Butter Cream Frosting to ice our cake with when it's done baking. For a butter cream, I basically start with a pound of butter, and it has to be nice and soft, so it's a workable consistency. I have also a, just a bowl of Confectioners Sugar, just powdered sugar here. You can find that at any grocery store. What I like to do is just added half a cup at a time into the butter while it's mixing, until the consistency is of nice, spreadable yet firm because it's for icing the cake. I also like to put about a teaspoon of salt and around two teaspoons of real vanilla in that too. We are going to melt the chocolate and add that into the icing after we've achieved a nice consistency.

    So, let's get started.

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