Chocolate Fondue – Milk Chocolate Smores

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Megan Fricker from the Melting Pot restaurant chain demonstrates how to make milk chocolate smores.

    Hello! Im Megan with The Melting Pot Restaurants. Today we are going over how to prepare our signature Chocolate Fondues. Now that we have to get all of our dippers ready and setup, we can melt down the chocolate. Today we are making our milk chocolate Smores Fondue, and we start out with four ounces of chocolate. At The Melting Pot, we use only the finest quality chocolate and we recommend you do the same at home. So for every four ounces of chocolate, you are going to use one ounce of water. Four ounces of chocolate will make enough chocolate for two people. After your pot is hot and steaming, then you know its ready to melt the chocolate in. Slowly stir the chocolate in, and it will melt for about five minutes. The consistency that you are looking for is smooth and creamy.

    So, keep melting chocolate chips until you get that way. This does take a little bit of time to melt down, about five to eight minutes. So, we have gone ahead and melted down another pot of chocolate, so its ready. So, once you melt chocolate fondue, its all setup to go; for the smores you want to add your marshmallow cream, and you want to take a tablespoon of marshmallow cream, and then to help melt it in we flamb it with 151. So we just set it on fire -- and of course to complete the Smores Fondue, we throw in graham cracker crumbs. Now, you want to check the consistency and make sure its smooth and creamy, This looks just about right; so we are ready to go ahead and pick our favorite dipper and dip in - and its delicious. Now we are ready to move on to the Baileys Irish Cream Dream.