Chocolate Fondue Preparation

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Megan Fricker from the Melting Pot restaurant chain demonstrates how to prepare a chocolate fondue.

    Hello! Im Megan with The Melting Pot Restaurants. Today we are going to go over how to prepare our signature Chocolate Fondues. First we have to get all of our dippers set up in order to dip into the chocolate. At the Melting Pot we use a variety of different fruits and cakes to dip in there, but at home you can use whatever you would like. The key to fondue is to set everything up and to cut it up into bite-sized pieces. We have bananas and strawberries and pineapple, and everything you want to slice down just to the bite size - same thing with the strawberries. When you get that and just cut off the stems and then slice them in half. Another check that we do at the restaurant is, we take marshmallows and we roll them in either graham cracker crumbs or Oreo crumbs. To get the crumbs to stick, first you have to lightly wet them and then roll them in the crumbs. This way, a plain marshmallow is lot of fun. Once you have all your dippers setup into bite-sized pieces, then you are ready to get started on melting down the chocolate.