Choosing a Cat – Finding a Pet Cat

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Gary Powell of the Cat Fanciers’ Association, discusses the basics on how to choose a pet cat including where to find a pet cat.

    Gary Powell: Hi! I am Gary Powell from the Cat Fanciers' Association. I am talking about where to find your next pet cat?

    Your local shelter is a good place to start. This will allow you to give a homeless cat a new home. Most cats are fearful in the shelter environment, making it difficult to know their real temperament.

    Cats relinquished by their previous owner may have background information on their personality. Some shelters have developed evaluation techniques to help determine the personality of stray cats.

    Newspaper ads are a source for adult cats or kittens resulting from accidental litters. They maybe raised with care in a home, but sometimes there is cost cutting on veterinary expense or kittens are placed too young for vaccinations.

    Go to the home and be very cautious. Be sure to have a kitten or cat examined by your veterinarian, and ask about the option for return.

    A pet store is another option. Few stores sell pedigree kitten since there is almost no commercial breeding up cats in the United States. Pet stores often have strays or kittens left at the door step or they help customers place pets.

    Many work with rescue groups and have adoption cats on display. The internet is an excellent place for research on breeds, cat care, products and cat behavior.

    You can look for cats based on breed personality characteristics at www.



    If buying online, use extreme caution. Either go to the home yourself, and see the cats or find someone who can vouch for the breeder's reputation. Those who have a CFA Cattery of Excellence, have had a veterinarian inspector home within the year.

    A Championship Cat Show is the ideal place to see the personality and appearance of breeds in the judging rings or educational programs and talk with exhibitors. Ask breeders you meet for references.

    Veterinarians can also provide referrals to their breeder clients. A breeder may have a former show quality neuter or spay available, sometimes exhibitors shows several kittens to see which does best.

    A beautiful kitten could be an exciting start for you to exhibit in premiership; the division for neutered cats. Show quality females are rarely available as pets as they are reserved for serious breeders. But male cats are often placed as pets following a short show or breeding period.

    Pet quality kittens can be just as beautiful as their show quality littermates, except for few white hairs or a tiny unseen tail flop. Expect a long interview by the breeder and a contract. The kitten will already be altered or with this required later.

    Those are just a few of the places you could look to find your next pet cat.