Choosing a Cat

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Gary Powell of the Cat Fanciers’ Association, discusses the basics on how to choose a pet cat.

    Gary Powell: My name is Gary Powell and I represent the Cat Fanciers' Association, the largest registry of pedigreed cats in the world. Today, I'm going to be discussing how to choose a pet cat. You maybe new to the world of cats, perhaps you already have a cat, but are thinking about adding another. I'll be helping you learn about the steps to take.

    I'll begin with how to decide if a cat is the right match for you. I'll cover some of the basic nature of all cats as well as some practical matters to think about. We'll then explore the advantages of selecting a kitten or an adult. I'll discuss random-bred cats and pedigreed breeds and help determine whether a long-haired or a short-haired cat is the best choice for you.

    Then I'll guide you in knowing how to find your pet cat. You'll learn ready to look for information and I'll give you tips on the questions to ask and what to expect from a shelter, reader, or other source. Next, I'll show you how to prepare your home for the new arrival such as safety considerations and other factors to make your new cat comfortable.

    If you already own a resident cat, I'll discuss how to make the introduction process go smoothly by establishing some house rules for both the cat and family members. Finally, there are times when a straight cat chooses you. Many people are first introduced to cats by becoming attached to a free roaming cat who comes to their doorstep. I'll help you know what to do if this happens to you.

    Before we begin, let me tell you a little about myself and the Cat Fanciers' Association. I have bred and exhibited Persians for 35 years and many of my cats have gone onto our national or regional awards. As a CFA Allbreed Judge, I evaluate cats championship shows all over the world. The Cat Fanciers' Association is the largest registry of pedigreed cats in the world.

    CFA's mission is to preserve the pedigreed breeds of cats and to enhance the well being of all cats. Member clubs produce cat shows and work with local rescue groups and shelters to better the lives of cats. Let's gets started with the adventure of choosing a pet cat.