Choosing a Color Palette for You

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Fashion expert Caroline O’Neil discusses how to choose a color palette.

    Cindy: We are here in Fashion Exchange I am Cindy, I am with Wilma and Meredith and as part of learning, how to become your own stylist, we are looking at colors. It's very important to show your best, put your best foot forward by putting a color on it, really enhances your own natural coloring.

    I want to show you one way that you can do this. You will find in your own closet or when you go to a store, you can look in the mirror, be very critical, look carefully, we are looking at Meredith, she has on navy blue. It's really very attractive on her, it suits her quite well, she doesn't have real strong coloring. But we are going to let you look at her in black and see what happens. Becomes harsh on her, it changes the color for skin and her hair and it's not as soft and pretty as her own natural coloring.

    How about Wilma? She looks wonderful in this burgundy red. Wilma show us what you have got to put up and what happens is it's that lively, it doesn't do anything for her, nobody is going to say, oh my gosh! that's the worst thing I have ever seen. But it doesn't do anything for her. If you are going to buy something why not buy something that compliments your own natural coloring and we are going to talk about texture in the next clip.