Choosing a Standby Generator

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Frank Assaro with Cummins Onan discusses the basics of choosing a standby generator.

    Frank Assaro: Hi, I'm Frank Assaro with Cummins Onan. Today I'm going to talk with you about selecting an automatic home standby generator.

    Residential or home standby generators create electricity via a power generation unit that is permanently installed on your property and connected directly to a continuous fuel source and your electrical panel.

    In this video series, we'll be discussing the benefits of a backup home standby generator system and how they work. I'll also talk about the key considerations when installing a standby generator such as fuel options and size requirements.

    Next, I'll discuss the basics of an installation, and what you can expect throughout the process.

    And finally, I'll cover generator maintenance such as performing regular service and troubleshooting tips. You should work with an experienced generator company to specify and should not install a power system on your own. Electrical connections must be made and fuel systems installed by qualified and licensed personnel. These installs require a variety of hand in power tools and skills acquired with specialized training.

    Improper installations present hazards which can result in personal injury or property damage. Please contact a licensed residential electrician and your local natural gas or propane supplier for these services.

    Before we get started, let me tell you a little about Cummins Onan. For over 90 years, Cummins Onan has been a leader in the worldwide power generation market. At Cummins Onan, manufacturing the highest quality products and providing experienced service support after the sale are top priorities. I've been Cummins Onan power generation group for the past 18 years, and have specialized in the residential market since that time.

    Working with a qualified network of dealers, we provided tens of thousands of homeowners with Cummins Onan generator systems.

    So let's get started in selecting a residential automatic standby system.