Choosing a Summer Camp

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Summer Camp Expert Nancy Diamond discusses choosing a summer camp.

    Nancy Diamond: Hi! I'm Nancy diamond. Today we're going to be speaking about all the things you need to know about selecting a sumer camp for your children. As the countdown to summer-camp begins, there are numerous criteria you may want to consider, when selecting a sumer-camp for your child.

    In this video, we'll learn how to select the summer-camp. Choosing a camp for your child could be considered overwhelming if you don't know where to look, how to start, what you need to do to prepare for camp? By the end of this video, we hope choosing a summer-camp for your child will be a little less overwhelming.

    Some of the resources you'll find helpful in choosing a summer-camp will be the Internet, Camp Fairs, some of the local camp organizations, and friends, people who you know who've already sent their children to camp.

    As President and Co-founder of Niche Directories which publishes kidscamps.

    com, we've been helping families select and choose summer-camps since 1995 when kidscamps.

    com debut online. We were the first online summer-camp directory, and we were mainly Internet's most trusted, branded, and trafficked online summer-camp resource.

    So let's get started, and see if we are able to answer the questions you might have when sending your child to camp.