Choosing an Artificial or Fresh Cut Christmas Tree

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Bill Quinn with Christmastreeforme provides tips for selecting either an artificial or fresh cut Christmas tree.

    Bill Quinn: Hi, I am Bill Quinn with Christmastreeforme. Today, we are talking about how to select the perfect artificial Christmas tree for your home. One of the things that you need to decide is, which tree is right for you, is a Fresh right or in fact an Artificial tree right? Let's talk about it.

    From the first tree perspective, you would want to stay with the fresh tree, if you like the process, if you have the strong family tradition behind, packing everybody up in the car with a hot chocolate, popcorn etcetera and going to a tree farm and everybody picks out the tree and may be you even you saw down the tree yourself, putting it on the top of the car and bringing it home. Lots of families, they love that process, it is a great process. I remember doing that when I was a little kid and I thought I was that was great. Next is, if you like the scent and the odor that the fresh tree gives us in the house, there is definitely something to be said for that . Next is pruning the tree. If you like to but the tree and prune it in the certain style that you really like but you can't match on the artificial side, then pruning is for you. And then lastly is just -- there are lot of people that they like to take care of the fresh tree. They like to water, they like to clip some of the ends when they when they turn a little bit different or they could turn little off color. So the Fresh tree side, I really believe that a lot of people in spirit, most people in spirit would love to have or prefer to have a fresh tree in their home but for whatever reason they would make the decision to go with an Artificial tree. Now why would they make the decision to switch from a fresh tree to an artificial tree? First is convenience. After the first year you have bought the tree, you liked the tree, you have built new family tradition around the artificial tree, then moving forward, it is the same process every year. You take the tree down, you can set new family traditions around setting up the artificial tree and going through and decorating, it is always the same process. So you have achieve continuity. Next is cost. The payback depending on what height, width and what part of the country you live in, the payback for buying an artificial tree is really an investment. You could get paid back in as few as two Christmas seasons but in some cases it may take four seasons to recover your money. But in my opinion you will always get the payback by the fifth year. Next is just what you can do with an Artificial tree? With an artificial tree you can extend your season and what I mean by that is you can set the tree up, prior to Thanksgiving and then you can keep the tree up until sometime into the new year which is really becoming popular to have the tree up before Thanksgiving and then taking it down after the New year, you get more use out it, you get more run into your Christmas. So with that, those are really some of the high level pieces or the high level views one might take to make the decision between staying with using a Fresh tree or moving over into an artificial tree. And now one more point, if you want to have that scent you can always go buy a candle or other things that will make your home smell like a fresh tree. So, with that the next piece we will talk about is the lights. What are the different types of lights that we might use for either our Real tree or our Fresh tree?